Lead Replacement Policy

By signing up and agreeing to our partnership agreement, each partner understands that the leads offered by Leads Near You are offered with no associated warranties and/or guarantees with respect to the outcome of any interaction between the Partner and the leads offered to the Partner by Leads Near You. Leads Near You offers limited refund/lead replacements in the following circumstances:


(A) If the lead contact information is incorrect, i.e., bad phone number [Disconnected] or email provided is no longer in use [Email Bounce Back].

(B) If the lead is listed on the MLS at the time the lead is delivered to the partner.

(C) If the lead delivered is not in your service area on the date/time the lead is received.

(D) If the lead contact details provided are not to the owner / decision-maker for the property.

(E) If you receive a duplicate lead delivered to you from a partner source – one of our sites.

(F) If you can verify that the seller did not request to be contacted.

(G) If the property is not the type of dwelling sought by the partner for purchase.

Refund Window: Each partner must provide notice of a refund/lead replacement of any leads and the reason for the refund/lead replacement request within 5 days after receipt of any lead so an agent of Leads Near You may reach out to the lead to ascertain the reasoning behind the refund and if any corrective action can be taken. Should the Partner fail to provide such notice within 5 days of receipt of a lead, the Partner will not be able to obtain a refund with respect to any such lead situation.

If Leads Near You reaches out to any lead refund/lead replacement request made by the Partner and after discussion with such lead, determine that such lead is still motivated to sell, Leads Near You will cancel the lead refund request and provide a detailed explanation for the denial. The Partner is responsible for all the leads they receive from Leads Near You and is not allowed to pick and choose between which leads they keep and send back. The Partner understands and acknowledges that a refunded lead transaction will go back on to the Partners account as an account credit to use towards future lead purchases and not back to their personal bank account.

Refund Threshold: Each partner is limited to a maximum refund threshold of 20% or 2 out of every 10 leads received. This is subject to the discretion of Leads Near You.


DISCLOSURE: Leads Near You does not guarantee any monetary gains for non-performing professionals from the leads generated by Leads Near You.